Our food has a story to tell. We want to offer you joy and experiences for all the senses. Carefully selected ingredients and drinks and skilfully prepared dishes transform sustenance into luxury.

Local cuisine with an international twist

We use local, seasonal, organic and wild ingredients and prepare them with love and honour for local traditions. But we do keep an open mind – our Arctic cuisine comes with a twist of international influences.

Your Chef

Seasonal changes and nature’s own food pantry provide our chef Petri an incredible opportunity to fulfil his passion for the pleasure of our guests. As a local, he knows the Arctic ingredients and local suppliers the best and can turn food into art. We also grow some vegetables, root vegetables and herbs of our own in our garden and green house. But best of all are the wild delicacies that grow right outside in the pure Arctic nature.

We also want to do our part to keep the Arctic clean and pure. That's why food is a big part of our sustainability program.

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