Housed on the second floor of the main building, our 12-person conference room is fully soundproof and equipped with modern conference technology.

Room for Ideas

The CO2-controlled air-condition system keeps you sharp and fresh throughout the conferences.

Available equipment

  • 75” screen (similar unit found in the adjacent small workspace)
  • Video conferencing system with fully automatic image and sound 
  • Wireless image transfer for screen
  • Electronic Flip 55” collaboration screen with wireless data transfer
  • Private high-speed Wi-Fi, also available throughout the resort
  • Comfortable, ergonomic chairs for even the longest sessions

Well-being and successful decisions

Exclusive Sunday Morning Resort provides privacy and tranquil atmosphere for great decisions and stay in scenic artic surroundings
  • Arctic nature just outside of the door
  • Activities all year 
  • Tasty and nutritious breakfast 
  • Seasonal, local and organic food prepared by in-house chef
  • Gym and saunas