The atmosphere at Pyhä is truly special, something above the ordinary. The seasons are intense, yet tranquil. The light is ever changing and unique. The nature is pure and safe. The people are welcoming and authentic. It is easy to fall in love with Lapland.

Are you ready to explore Finnish Lapland?

Arctic nature provides unique experiences all year. During summer, the sun does not set at all, and in the heart of winter, it does not rise above the horizon. Intense seasons follow the sun, making every day a little different. There is something mystical in the air.

Serenity and activity

Looking for harmony and relaxation – or perhaps some action in the Arctic nature? We have both! Sunday Morning Resort is located in a peaceful forest which guarantees your privacy and peace, but there is also lots of action for those who seek it. You can explore Pyhä-Luosto National Park by bike or foot from the doorstep. There are also two ski resorts closeby where you can find activities and services all year long.

Northern lights

Aurora borealis is a truly magical phenomenon in the Arctic night sky. Sunday Morning Resort is an excellent place to see the northern lights because we are located well above the Arctic Circle. As long as the sky is clear and the night dark enough, the phenomenon occurs often this far north! There is no light pollution for miles, which makes it easier to catch the nocturnal dance in the sky.

Pyhä hut

An atmospheric Laplander’s hut is the perfect place for an extraordinary dinner. We also organise other special events in the hut.

Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience

In addition to the main lodge and Aihki apartment saunas, we have a wood heated beach sauna, authentic smoke sauna and wood heated tub that can be reserved separately.