We are among the first in The World: silent and emission-free E-sleds! 

We are very proud to offer our customers a change to enjoy arctic nature with very new innovation that is highly environment friendly. There is only two other companies in The World having this opportunity at the moment. Our E-sleds are manufactured and designed in Finnish Lapland and they will take you to nearby forests, fells and frozen lake silently and without any gasoline odour.

You can choose from 4 different kinds of E-sled Safaris

Nature Safari:  Easy and beginner friendly trip to great scenery. There will be lots of time photographs, enjoying the views and having a breaks. Duration 1,5-2 h.

Safari to Reindeer Park: We drive through snowy forests from Sunday Morning Resort to local Reindeer Park, where you can meet the reindeers and learn more about this traditional livelihood of North. Duration 2,5-3 h.

Conquer the Fells: This trip takes you to the best scenery in Pyhätunturi. We ride across the frozen and snowy forests to the top of the fell. There is also a coffee break in the hut with open fire. Duration 3-3,5 h.

Aurora Hunting Safari:  We ride to the open area, where is the best change to see the auroras - if we are lucky. Night sky with the stars is a phenomena in itself! Duration 2 h.