We build on responsibility and being local

Despite our short history, we’ve managed to make Sunday Morning resort carbon neutral and we are dedicated to develop our resort further to be carbon negative.
We joined the EU:n energy efficiency program in 2018 and underwent extensive renovations and development projects in our resort. We acquired the most energy efficient and intelligent ventilation and heat recovery systems on the market with carbon dioxide based automatic control.

We get most of our heating energy right here from the ground underneath our resort with geothermal heat pumps and multiple state of the art air conditioning units. We’ve also switched all of lighting into the most energy efficient LED light sources and our kitchen has been completely redone with the best and the latest equipment out there.
We use the newest available technology in our services like 7 pcs of type 2-electric car charging stations, electric fatbikes and among the firsts in the world and the only supplier in Pyhätunturi, electric snowmobile (eSleds) safaris which are not only eco friendly but also silent. We also have an extensive selection of sporting and outdoors equipment that we rent to our customers. Our services and the services of our partners are completely carbon emission free. The closer the customer gets the service they want the less there are emissions.

The energy use of our whole resort is highly automated, which reduces energy consumption by both adjusting the temperature and air ventilation to be optimal and charging our eSleds by night. In the future we will also use our eSleds as batteries to optimize our energy use further by using the stored energy to trim down any spikes in energy consumption by day.
We are committed to reduce our footprint from heating and energy consumption to as small as possible and economically feasible. We recycle 100% of our waste and our bio waste we use as compost in our own farm where we only use organic fertilizers.
Our linen are made of the finest natural fibers and we do our own laundry in house. This not only reduces emissions by not having a third party picking it up and doing it for us like most hotels, it also gives us the ability hire local people and to contribute to the local community.

Our resort has 6 acres of forest around us, which not only provides us with privacy it also provides a substantial carbon sink, worth of approximately 22 metric tons of carbon dioxide. We also do our own snow plowing (and believe us, it’s a lot!), to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. We also have a very eco friendly minibus that we use to transport our customers.
A big portion of the vegetables our restaurant uses we farm ourself right here on our own land and most of the fish we use come from the lake Pyhäjärvi that is literally only 30 meters away from the main building. The rest of our ingredients we also acquire from as close as possible. This way everything we serve is always as fresh and locally sourced as possible, also ensuring that everything we serve has as a small carbon footprint as possible. We minimize waste by cooking everything from order, of course taking into consideration the customers dietary restrictions, allergies and requests.
Our resort is 100 % family owned (The Loippo family) and our company works tirelessly not only to promote environmentally sustainable travelling in Lapland but to also promote companies that work to improve the health and wellbeing of the environment. To us being entrepreneurs is not just about the bottom line, it’s also about the collective good that we can achieve. We are now and in the future a Finnish family business and proud of it. 

The core of our staff consists of locals, who understand and appreciate the wilderness of Lapland. Most of our services we provide ourselves and the rest in cooperation with local entrepreneurs. We create working contracts suited to the Lapland life, that support flexible work life with fair salaries and working hours. To our partners we are a reliable, fair and easy company to work with.
The most important cornerstones of our resort is absolute equality among people, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, conviction or gender. We do not tolerate discrimination by any excuse. We work actively to promote equality by organizing different kinds of events on our resort.

To us sustainable development is a path of constant development. There is always something that we can do better and we encourage both ourselves, our staff and our customers to do so. We invest, train and guide for development on our resort. Even as technology enables accelerating development and protecting the environment, the responsibility is always on us, the people. This is why we believe that we humans need to take action and work together towards change.