How Sunday Morning Resort was born? 

Entrepreneur couple Sirpa Juhola-Loippo and Kimmo Loippo and their family made a big life change couple of years ago when they decided to move from Mänttä (town in central Finland) to Lapland. Kimmo is engineer specialized in paper industry, but also an innovator. Working years had been filled with countless hours at the office and busy lifestyle. It was time to do something else. 
From Lapland the whole family found soon a home, place where everybody felt happy, had inspiring activities at hand and also time to relax. And they decided to stay.

”I was the most enthusiastic in our family to move to Lapland. Finally I managed to persuade my wife Sirpa to try living in Lapland as a ”trial period”. In 2017 we agreed that we can make a final decision after we alla have experience about the real life in the north. Our children found soon important hobbies and friends and after six months here nobody wanted to go back to south anymore”, tells Kimmo about the process.

In 2018 Kimmo and Sirpa noticed that Aamulehti, Finnish Media Company, was selling their magnificent resort at the Lake Pyhäjärvi. When Loippo couple went to see the place, it was love at first sight. The very relaxing and soothing atmosphere, very old logs in the cabins, hand made houses and wonderful surrounding nature makes Sunday Morning Resort an unforgettable place. There is also very unique traits, design and art in the buildings, designed by Lappish sculptor Upi Kärri, that create very aesthetic and exceptional experience.  ”The house sparkles with feeling of lazy, happy Sunday morning”, explains Sirpa.

Sirpa and Kimmo bought the premises and started a large scale renovation. All the tecnology and house systems were modernised (for example air conditioning, heating system, lights, kitchen technology etc.). Also accomodation and quest rooms, conference room, saunas and gym were modernised.  All original design and everything worth keeping was conserved. For example fabrics, original log furniture and design is untouched. The house still feels very much like the original one, everything is just more modern and practical now. And the most importat thing was to make the place carbon neutral. Heating system is now geothermal heating and in the air conditioning co2-levels are monitored and adjusted automatically.

Sirpa and Kimmo has now fulfilling and inspiring job also at the Lapland. Change to make customers happy and relaxed every day. Besides Sunday Morning Resort Loippo couple has also another project in Pyhätunturi: Parkside Pyhä accomodation near the family ski lifts and National Park at the center of Pyhätunturi. You can find more info about Parkside Pyhä here:

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